ICEBAR Staycation

Not only do you deserve a mini vacation – you deserve a mini vacation beyond the ordinary. Come to us for a staycation and forget about everyday life inside ICEBAR, the world’s first permanent ice bar. Book a chilly ICEBAR Staycation and get an entrance to our famous ice bar (but also a main course, breakfast buffet and some other nice things!).

Stockholm is perfect for a holiday during the summer. Stay as long as you want and enjoy hotel life when the city is at its most beautiful. Start each morning with a delicious hotel breakfast and spend the days discovering (or rediscovering) the capital and all that it has to offer: from sights and museums to restaurants, nightlife and shopping.



The ICEBAR Staycation offer includes:

  • The hotel room of your choice
  • Breakfast
  • A visit to ICEBAR Stockholm by ICEHOTEL
  • A main course

  • Hotel location
  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Parking
  • Landmarks