The Whole Experience

Would you like to experience Hotel C Stockholm like never before? Book our “The Whole Experience” offer for a truly unique hotel deal. Immerse yourself in the cool ICEBAR STOCKHOLM and enjoy a tasty meal at our restaurant, all within a single hotel visit.

That’s right, with this offer, you’ll get access to the famous ICEBAR STOCKHOLM, kept at a chilling -5°C year round. After you’ve felt the chill of the ice bar, you’ll defrost with a delicious main course in our restaurant, Swede Hollow. Come to Hotel C for a hotel stay that is anything but ordinary.

The ice bar undergoes a complete transformation with a new theme each year. The current theme, “Fata Morgana,” invites you to embrace the present by admiring the abstract illusions intricately sculpted in the ice. As you step into ICEBAR STOCKHOLM, our aim is for you to enjoy a drink, cool down, and accept that reality is just an illusion. Don’t trust your ice. Welcome to Fata Morgana.


The offer includes:

  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast
  • A visit to ICEBAR Stockholm by ICEHOTEL
  • A main course in restaurant Swede Hollow
  • Access to the gym
  • Wifi

  • Hotel location
  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Parking
  • Landmarks