Our mission is to take care of you – and all that surrounds us.

Our safety standards are at the highest international level. Elevators can only be used with a key card, and our sprinkler system, staff and evacuation routines are always a top priority. Our environmental work is thorough and long term. We constantly strive to minimize the use of chemicals, and those we must use are certified environmentally friendly whenever possible. You’ll never be served giant prawns, bottled still water, products with bad palm oil or genetically modified products in the restaurant. All organic waste from the kitchen is recycled and turned into biogas. These are some of certifications:

  • Our breakfast is certified organic by KRAV
  • Certified by ISO 14000
  • Bathroom products are certified by NATURE



Hotel C Stockholm follows a high international safety standard. Our goal is to make your stay with us as safe as possible. This work is continuous, and Safe Hotels Alliance conduct a yearly check-up on our safety routines and equipment. The purpose of this certification is to strengthen our ability to protect our guests and their belongings. Part of this is the softer values: an attentive staff, service and safety go hand in hand. All our rooms have electronic locks and view holes. The hotel is staffed all night with a security guard. Only guests have access to the hotel room floor levels since the elevators are equipped with key card locks. If you loose your key card, please notify the reception so you can get a new one and we can block the lost one. For more information, please visit



We never stop working on making our business as environmentally friendly as possible. Long term we are working towards the international certification ISO 14001.
We strive to constantly increase the amount of products in our restaurant that are organic and locally produced. Our breakfast buffet is certified organic.