’’ Clean and nice rooms, friendly staff and excellent breakfast. The hotel also have the perfekt position at the central station. They also have the ice bar as a nice experience. The food at the hotel restaurant is excellent, I am never disappointed when I stay here. - Emelie

Welcome to your hotel in Stockholm!

We are a centrally located hotel in Stockholm. As a member of the Nordic Choice Hotels group, our goal is to give you great memories of your visit to Stockholm in a hotel that feels safe, easy-going and personal. We love Stockholm, and we want you to experience Sweden’s capital city at its best. What’s better then, than doing it from our hotel in Stockholm, located right in the heart of the city, close to absolutely everything? We are determined to give you the best Stockholm has to offer, be it shopping, sight-seeing, souvenirs, history, royalty, or the thing we love most in Stockholm: The very Swedish thing called fika. Whatever you prefer, you can be sure to find it, just around the corner, from our hotel in Stockholm. And if don’t know what you want to do, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will gladly help you out. Just ask at our Stockholm Info Desk and you will have lots of suggestions and ideas for activities perfectly tailored for you.

It doesn’t matter how you get here. Be it by train, plane, car or boat you will find our hotel in Stockholm conveniently located just by the central station, right in the heart of our beloved Stockholm, with the airport shuttle stopping a mere 50 metres from our door. Go out and enjoy Stockholm all night long, sleep like a king in one of our comfortable and cosy rooms and then wake up to a stunning breakfast buffet, with a great selection offering something for every taste. We have 367 non-smoking rooms waiting for you, whenever you arrive, open 24 hours every day. As a guest at our hotel in Stockholm, you have free access to our gym whenever you feel like it, as well as access to the great outdoors that Stockholm can offer for a morning walk or running exercise.



Sweden isn’t all about Stockholm and city life. There is also the great wild north, but you don’t even need to leave our hotel in Stockholm to experience it. Step into the cold at ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL STOCKHOLM. Presented in cooperation with ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi we offer you an ice-cold experience in our bar where the temperature is kept at -5 Celsius all day, every day of the year. At ICEBAR you will have the unique experience of drinking out of glasses made out of ice in a bar, surrounded by an interior sculpted out of 40 tons of ice brought all the way from Torne River in the north of Sweden. While the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi melts away each spring you can always visit ICEBAR, be it on a hot summer’s day or in the middle of the winter.

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